• Our services in the residential sector include but not limited to:
  • >Single or double storey dwellings
  • >Dual occupancies
  • >Boutique houses with basement
  • >Multi-unit developments
  • >Townhouse development
  • >Low rise apartment buildings
  • >Alterations and additions to the existing dwellings
  • >Multi-level office buildings
  • >Shopping complex with multi level carpark
  • >Apartment with commercial amenities and mixed facilities
  • >Aged care buildings and nursing homes
  • >Medical centres and childcare centres
  • >Petrol stations, car wash and truck wash bays
  • >Multi-level carparks
  • >Office / retail extensions and refurbishments
  • >Steel portal frame warehouse
  • >Precast concrete panels
  • >Tilt up panels
  • >Steel framed mezzanine floors
  • >Overhead gantry cranes
  • >Crane runway beams
  • >Access platforms
  • >Shelters and sheds

Structural Design

Our extensive experience in design and construction, covers several market sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We incorporate the latest technologies to analyse and design our projects with a broad range of material including timber, steel, masonry, and reinforced concrete. No matter how big the scale of the projects is, we believe each project needs to be looked at individually so we can tailor our design to architectural needs.

Civil Design

We provide building project’s civil design as well as being your point of contact during the approval process. We can help you from obtaining Legal Point of Discharge (LPOD) through to endorsed design. Civil design and documentation are tailored to your projects, whether it is a multi-unit development or an apartment with underground carpark. We offer effective and efficient drainage solutions to meet all local authorities’ requirement.

  • Our civil engineering design service include:
  • >Stormwater drainage design for residential, commercial and Industrial development
  • >Basement drainage with dual pump system
  • >On Site Detention system design (OSD)
  • >Soakage system
  • >Outfall drains
  • >Overland flow path
  • >Industrial pavement design
  • >Site layout and level design
  • >Retaining walls and waterproofing

Forensic inspections conducted where existing structures are examined for structural damages. During our comprehensive inspections, we observe, measure, and document the defects so as to provide you with an accurate assessment to the root of the damages. This includes a wide range of building defects from structural issues (settlement, cracking, member collapses ) to maintenance and substandard workmanship issues. These damages could have happened due to environmental effects (wind, hurricane, flood, earthquake, etc.) or poor workmanship of the builder. Depends on the severity of the damage, we can propose remedies for rectification of defects to repair or restore your building

A specific report on common areas under body corporate or Strata council management control to identify defects, deterioration, damage & poor maintenance. The concise report will address the exact location and the severity of defects followed by recommendations and instructions to repair

  • New construction inspections which are carried out as part of quality control of our engineering design are mainly in the following stages:
  • >Base
  • >Frame
  • >Lockup
  • >Fixing
  • A thorough report will be provided with references to Australian standards and relevant accredited documents to present to the builder during progress of construction.

When building defects and damages lead to litigation, an expert witness is required to assess the validity of the claim and present the evidence for the legal procedure. We have vast experience in dealing with VCAT, tribunal, court, and other legal parties to back either party’s claim. We have experience in construction defects and disputes, insurance claims and assessments. We provide VACT compliant reports including engineering assessments as well as cost estimates for rectification works for the construction industry.

Building defect report including all aspects of construction needs to be prepared when owner deals with builder or acts as builder for building home.We are eligible to prepare "Owner builder defect report" or "Section 137B" for documents of sale.

Condition report of the adjoining property to a proposed construction works. It records and documents the existing conditions of the neighbor property that is likely to be affected by any demolition, excavation or construction.

Demolition could be a complicated process depending on the size or complexity of a structure. All demolition works needs to comply the Occupational Health and Safety Act & regulations (OHS ACT 004, OHS Regulation 2017) to ensure that safe procedure is practicing on site. A step-by-step demolition report by a structural engineer followed by certificate of compliance gives you a peace of mind at the time of working on site.

Structural Inspections

At Oranik we have capabilities to provide you with a broad range of inspection services from construction quality control to structural failure of an aged building. Our years of practical experience and expertise reflects on our reports which provide you the root causes for your requested concern. We also could assist you in providing detailed compliant reports to be presented to councils, VCAT or other legal authorities.

Structural Service

Complexity is our passion. We have been involved in many complex and challenging structures which pushed us beyond the boundaries and guided us through deep learning and investigating the new possibilities.

We offer "Project Advocacy Services" to developers whether it is a medium density residential development, an apartment building or a commercial project. Our team of professionals will help you when people, practice and sustainability have major impacts on your project. We will be your professional consultant from inception to completion.

  • Our other structural services include but not limited to:
  • >Conceptual structural design
  • >Peer review
  • >Independent certification
  • >Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • >Shoring design